Expert Witness and Litigation Support

courthousePeak’s expert staff includes geochemists, forensic scientists, geologists and hydrogeologists who collectively have over 75 years of experience assisting clients with environmental litigations. Clients include insurance carriers, industrial and commercial entities, as well as residential property owners of contaminated sites. Peak provides specialty services such as determining the origin and discharge period (“dating”) of a range of soil and groundwater contaminants that include free phase petroleum (heating oil, gasoline, and PCB-containing dielectric fluid), non-chlorinated dissolved phase compounds and chlorinated solvents (DNAPL). Peak’s Expert Witness and Litigation Support services include:

  • Determining whether a discharge occurred within the period of insurance coverage
  • Assessing whether a contaminant was released prior to or after a property transaction
  • Discerning source origins when two similar contaminants are present
  • Evaluating whether a contaminant plume originates from off-site
  • Confirming or refuting whether a historic petroleum delivery impacted the subsurface
  • Providing alternate remedial approaches to previously remediated sites to support cost recovery
  • Technical assessment of employed remedial strategies, and
  • Establishing whether changes in land use (i.e., detention basin construction) have altered groundwater elevation or flow direction and impacted subsurface structures.

Peak’s well-documented success in providing Litigation Support is a testimony to the innovative approaches we employ. Please contact our expert staff to discuss the specifics of your case and how Peak can provide the technical support for your legal strategy.

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