Ecological and Receptor Evaluations

A receptor evaluation report is an ongoing compliance evaluation process tool that was designed by NJDEP to facilitate their highest priority:  to ensure the protection of human and ecological receptors on or near a discharge area.  Peak performs receptor evaluations in accordance with NJDEP Technical Requirements for Site Remediation, N.J.A.C. 7:26E.  The evaluation process starts when a discharge is confirmed or ISRA compliance is triggered.  A receptor evaluation is required to be performed for all existing cases and new cases within one (1) year after remediation is initiated.  An evaluation is not required if an unrestricted remedial action is completed within one (1) year of initiation, or if contamination is attributed to and has been documented to be natural background contamination.   Updates to the evaluation are required to be included with each milestone report submittal throughout a remedial investigation and remedial action (Site Investigation Report, Remedial Investigation Report, Remedial Action Report).  The evaluation process ends when remedial action is complete and, in cases where a Remedial Action Permit is required, the biennial certification takes the place of the receptor evaluation.

There are five sections which are evaluated and/or described on a site-specific basis in order to prepare a receptor evaluation report:

  • On site and surrounding property land use, sensitive population evaluation and mapping
  • Description of contamination
  • Groundwater use, well search evaluation and mapping (required when groundwater contamination is detected above Remediation Standards)
  • Vapor intrusion evaluation and mapping (Vapor Intrusion Technical Guidance document)
  • Ecological evaluation and ecological conceptual site modeling

Peak’s professional staff has overseen or contributed to the preparation and submittal of hundreds of receptor evaluations.  Our familiarity and practice with the currently applicable  regulatory and mandatory timeframes, and technical requirements related to filing of receptor evaluations is the industry standard.  We stay on the cutting edge as requirements and forms are updated by NJDEP through attendance of State sponsored and in-house regulatory and compliance training.

If you are the Responsible Party for a site requiring remediation in New Jersey please contact the Environmental Professionals at Peak today to learn more about this and other current and evolving regulatory and mandatory compliance requirements for the remediation of contaminated sites.