Peak’s staff currently includes nine NJ LSRPs and the initial four LSRPs listed below comprise Peak’s Executive Management Team.

Peak’s LSRPs ensure that project endpoints are defined early and in accordance with the Client’s needs, and utilize professional judgment to guide them through the technical and regulatory requirements necessary to reach the agreed upon endpoint, typically the issuance of a Response Action Outcome (RAO).

Peak’s LSRPs oversee all aspects of the individual projects to which they are assigned. They manage the preparation of all submissions, including both forms and reports, and ensure that they are completed within NJDEP’s mandatory and regulatory timeframes.


Ken Nieuwenhuis
Ken Nieuwenhuis, LSRP

Mr. Nieuwenhuis has been working in the Environmental Industry since 1988.  His professional career has been focused on the identification, management and reduction of environmental liabilities for industrial and commercial clientele, real estate developers, and institutional lenders. This experience ranges from conducting and preparing real estate due diligence products such as Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments and Preliminary Assessment Reports, to managing complex investigations and remediation of properties contaminated as a result of discharges of hazardous substances to the environment.

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Eric Schlauch
Eric Schlauch, LSRP

Mr. Schlauch has been working in the Environmental Industry since 1989. He has extensive experience with New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Underground Storage Tank and Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) regulatory programs, and has managed projects regulated by the United States EPA, Pennsylvania DEP, New York State DEC, and City of New York DEP. His experience includes working on federally regulated RCRA and Superfund sites, as well as remediation of contaminated sites in Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, and South Carolina.

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Rob Edgar
Rob Edgar, LSRP

Mr. Edgar has been working in the Environmental Industry since 1989 and is responsible for the design and supervision of the environmental investigation and remediation of Brownfield sites, as well as industrial, commercial, and residential properties in multiple states including New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Florida, California and Wisconsin. He has strong experience with the regulations and guidance in NJ, including SRRA, ISRA, and the Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA).

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Jeff Campbell
Jeff Campbell, LSRP

Mr. Campbell has been working in the Environmental Industry since 1988 with experience in site characterization, contaminant investigation, and remediation under state and federal regulations. He has managed environmental projects for a variety of clients, including developers, petroleum companies, manufacturers, insurance companies, financial institutions, responsible party groups, and retail companies. He has experience working on Brownfields, Superfund, landfill, dry cleaner, terminals, pipelines, refineries, and other projects.

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Carla Nascimento
Carla Nascimento, LSRP

Ms. Nascimento has been working in the Environmental Industry since 1997, specializing in managing complex projects for clients in the petroleum and manufacturing industries. Carla is a New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) and holds a Professional Geologist license from Tennessee.

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Kassidy Klink
Kassidy Klink, LSRP

Mr. Klink has been working in the Environmental Industry since 2006 providing quality control/assurance, technical oversight, coordination, and project management. Mr. Klink is a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) (#621032), Subsurface Evaluator, and holds a Professional Geologist license from Louisiana. He has conducted and managed site/remedial investigations/actions throughout New Jersey as well as in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, and California. He also has experience working for a bioremediation research laboratory, specifically with biostimulation and bioaugmentation. In addition, Mr. Klink has supervised projects associated with all phases of site assessments, remedial investigations, remedial actions, soil excavations, tank removals, quality control and assurance, and indoor air/subslab investigations.

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Eric S. Hoffmann
Eric S. Hoffmann, LSRP

Mr. Hoffmann has a Bachelor of Science from Richard Stockton University and has been working in the environmental consulting industry since 2004 conducting site characterization, ecological investigations, contaminant delineation, and remediation under both State and Federal regulations.  Mr. Hoffmann has experience working on steel plants, chemical plants, liquid chemical storage terminals, pipelines, refineries, retail gasoline stations, hospitals, scrap yards, petroleum releases associated with trucking accidents (private property, and public roadways), dry cleaners, insurance oversight and other projects.

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Roger Bajorek
Roger Bajorek, LSRP

Roger Bajorek is a Geologist whose career in the industry began in 2004. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Western Michigan University, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He holds a Professional Geologist license from Pennsylvania, and is a New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional. He has broad experience in New Jersey and neighboring states. He has managed regulatory, financial and technical aspects of environmental projects in various stages of the remedial process for a variety of clients and property types. As an LSRP, Mr. Bajorek defines applicable regulations, regulatory deadlines, and the scope of work necessary to meet them and obtain regulatory closure through a Response Action Outcome (RAO).

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Carrie Berry
Carrie Berry, LSRP

Ms. Berry has been working in the Environmental Industry since 2000. She is a New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP). Carrie has extensive experience as a corporate practice leader and client program manager, responsible for financial and regulatory management of portfolios of client properties at which releases of hazardous materials have occurred. This has given her extensive experience with the regulatory and technical requirements of multiple states, including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

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